Saturday, July 28, 2012


This blog was created by me when I was involved in the First International Languages Festival held in Sheffield in 2011

If you want the International Languages Festival website, please go here  (checked on 28th July 2012)

If you are the current organiser of the Language Festival in Sheffield, please send me an email from your Sheffield University email address and I will be happy to transfer this blog to you.
Also I can transfer the twitter account  and vokle account to you

Note: Though this blog is old, this blog still has some visitors every month.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hi my dear volunteers of the International Languages Festival,
Thank you very much for all the committed extraordinary work you did during the weekend and also before the festival
You definitely need to collect your well deserved certificates. I will be in the zone in the union everyday this week between 5pm and 7pm so that you can collect your certificates. (If I am not in the zone, I might be in the PC area upstairs. But I will definitely be around the union)

Also I want to put your individual photographs (take individual photos and make a collage out of it) and put it on the website. So I would like to take a group photograph of all the volunteers tomorrow (wednesday) 16th march at 6pm. Please assemble at the zone. Even if you are not able to make it to the group photo session, just drop in any other time 5pm to 7pm any day this week and I will take your individual photo and edit it using photoshop to add it to the bigger photo.

Also I want to make a special appeal for all you people regarding fundraising for Japan. Since we got such a diverese group of student from many different countries, I will be organising a fundraising event next week. I will also be getting in touch with the more than 300 teachers who were involved in the festival.
But before that, I am working on the logisitics of it, getting permission and stuff like that in the union. Talking with RAG, volunteering office etc.
If you are interested in supporing for this cause , please get in touch with me
There is yet another form to fill in :p so that it is easier to manage japan fundraising interested volunteers

Also this idea is still a little bit vague as I need to make sure I get permission.
More details on progress about this will be on a seperate post
Meanwhile keep smiling :)


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Meeting tonight

Hi. Hope you all received my text message.
In case you dont know, the meeting today is at 6pm in Hick's Building Lecture Theatre 9

Current allotments

Hi wonderful people,
The current allotments are like this
It will be finalised today.
For those who don't know, here is some information regarding the roles
volunteer roles explained

For help desk each session, we will be needing 8-10 volunteers
and for classroom supervisors , we will need 16 volunteers each session. So you can notice that we are still massively running short of volunteers.

So each and every one of your role is highly crucial.
Today (thursday) there is a meeting at Hick's Building lecture theatre 9.
Do come for the meeting.

And ya... the responsibilities are high.
But it will also be fun when u actually attend the event :)
So no need to get worried about it.

You are all awesome people.
You are/will be working hard for the First ever International Languages Festival in the UK.
Isn't that awesome?

And don't forget, you will be getting a certificate like this from the University signed by the Pro Vice Chancellor himself

With that in mind, I am sure you will continue to put your 100% in this as you already have been doing.

And if any of your friends if interested in volunteering, please do ask them to come along today to the meeting as I will finalising the roles today.

Any queries , feel free to contact me immediately
Srikanth 07780097695

Thanks a lot

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Flash Mob details for tomorrow

There will be a mega flash mob tomorrow at City center between 12-2pm with 20 languages. We will be meeting at the zone in the student union at 11.30am
If you are particiapting in it or want to participate , please prepare a short verse or a poem and meet at the zone.
Also please wear something blue in colour.
For further details contact Srikanth 07780097695

Volunteering page moved

If you are looking for volunteering updates, please use this link


Hi guys,
VERY URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT. Hi Guys We had a flash mob today at the city center area. It went really good.We are planning to make it even bigger.

We are planning for a MEGA FLASH MOB tomorrow between 12-3pm at the city center with atleast 20 different languages.

The languages that I already I wil list it down as a comment
As of now I have got five

And most important bit... Forge media has accepted to photgraph the flash mob event.
So if you would like to get famous and you speak a different language,contact me right away
Srikanth 07780097695

Monday, March 7, 2011

A message to all volunteers

Hi Guys,
This is Srikanth. The language festival is approaching nearer. (12th and 13th march). There are just four days.
I know many of you have been waiting eagerly for this update.
I am sorry for those of you who haven't got any updates after you entered your details on the database. We haven't forgotten you :P And each and every role of yours is very precious. And do remember the incentive i.e the certificate and potential for Sheffield Graduate Award.

Most important message
All the future messages to all volunteers in the coming week will be through this blog. So please make sure you check this blog for all your queries.

Important Updates
1) There is a very important meeting tomorrow(8th march) at the Hick's building Lecture Theatre 9 at 6.30pm.
2)For those of you who have expressed specific interest in your roles, I have randomly added you to various roles. Please check this spreadsheet.
Allotment of volunteers to various categories
3)We will be doing flashmobs tomorrow at the City Center area on Wednesday. More details about it will be said during the meeting
4)Those of you who are studying in non-language departments are most invited to do lecture shouts. Since this is the last week before the festival, this is the ideal time for that. You will be given training for that in tomorrow's meeting.
5)Explanation of various volunteer roles
volunteer roles explained

I have randomly assigned you to various volunteer positions entirely based on the interest that you have specified in the database. Please check the following spreadsheet
Allotment of volunteers to various categories
If you can make it to only a particular session, please do tell by a reply post on this blog.

Message to all volunteers who haven't filled the online database. 
Please fill up the following form.
Volunteer information form

That's it until now.

See you all at the meeting tomorrow. Please do make every effort to come. If under unavoidable circumstance, you do miss the meeting, I would be conducting one more on Thursday. Details, I would post tomorrow.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Performance by Sheffield Chinese Culture Exchange community in the Sheffield Student's Union

The Sheffield Chinese Culture Exchange Community is one of the sponsors of the International Languages Festival. The aim of the community is to promote the knowledge sharing and culture exchange between Mandarin speaking Chinese and UK nationals in Sheffield.
On 17th March 2011, they did a presentation in the University of Sheffield Student's Union.
Here is a short video of it.
P.S The pictures and clip in this video was taken using a Mobile phone camera. So please excuse the quality of the video.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Introduction about the festival

The Sheffield University International Languages Festival is the first of its kind to be happening in the UK. Over the course of one weekend 150 different languages and dialects from across the globe will be taught, including a wide selection of African languages, Chinese dialects, English dialects and special languages and codes such as Sign Language or Braille.

Marking the end of World Week, organised by the International Students Committee, the aim is to spark participants' interests for language and linguistics, whilst at the same time demonstrating the diverse culture and dialects present in Sheffield University. With keynote speakers John Wells, the renowned phonetician (Emeritus Professor at UCL), and Professor Paul White, Sheffield University’s Pro-Vice Chancellor, this is an event not to be missed! They will both be present at the Opening Ceremony on Friday 11th March, at 5:30 in the Richard Roberts Auditorium, with the Festival itself taking place 12th-13th March in the Hicks Building.

There will also be presentations from several prestigious national institutes. These include the Esperanto Association of Britain, who is dedicated to encouraging the study of the international language Esperanto, the Goethe Institute, who inspire the study of German, and the Confucius Institute who encourage Chinese language and culture. They will give talks on how their institutions are run, what they do, and possible career options. It will be a truly amazing event!

Tickets will be available for £2 per day at the box office, and tickets will also be available to book online at Your ticket will allow you to attend as many classes as you want on the day, and with 15 lessons an hour on offer you can be sure there will be plenty to choose from!